• Don't Look Back
  • Posse at Dawn
  • Abstraction of Trees
  • Banditos
  • Eagle's Flight
  • Endings and Beginnings
  • India
  • Mist Over A Midnight Ritual
  • Mombasa Sunrise
  • Mountain Cabin
  • Tour of NY
  • Wandering


Born on the island of Borneo, Pei Pei Chung started playing piano at age 4. Her future was set from that moment. She trained as a classical pianist and received a Music Performance Scholarship from the University of Pennsylvania. She went on to study film scoring at UCLA, where she won the prestigious BMI Jerry Goldsmith Scholarship.

With a Hollywood career spanning over 15 years, her clients include NBC, Fox, Discovery, Disney, Columbia and Sundance. Her projects range from documentaries on Buddhist artists to television series, including the Emmy-nominated “Endurance”. With a style as diverse as her clientele, Pei Pei brings her unique voice to a creative process focused on realizing the client’s vision.


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Original Music Composition


Music Licensing

Sound Design