1. 1Don't Look Back
    Promo for the show "Endurance".
  2. 2Posse at Dawn
    Conflict in the wild west; TV score.
  3. 3Abstraction of Trees
    From the documentary “An Artist’s Journey”, about Buddhist artist Shinjo Ito.
  4. 4Banditos
    Tensions arise in the southwestern desert; TV score.
  5. 5Eagle's Flight
    A rehabilitated eagle is released into the wild; from the documentary “Sundance Preserve”.
  6. 6Endings and Beginnings
    An artist copes with the loss of his sons; documentary score.
  7. 7India
    The origins of Buddhism; documentary score.
  8. 8Mist Over A Midnight Ritual
    A competition is fought on a remote tropical island; TV score.
  9. 9Mombasa Sunrise
    A herd of elephants surprises a group of Kenyans by joining them at the river. From the documentary “Moto na Maji”.
  10. 10Mountain Cabin
    Leaders advocate for environmental protection; documentary score.
  11. 11Tour of NY
    An FXM promo for their featured selection of films set in New York.
  12. 12Wandering
    Teenagers play pranks on their chaperones; TV score.